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Computer and Printing Services


Computer/Internet Usage

The library offers free Public Access Internet Computers (desktop) as well as wireless capability for those who want to borrow a Chromebook (In-library use only) or use their own device.
All users will be required to read and acknowledge an on-screen waiver outlining rules for acceptable use.

Public Computers (Desktop) 
  • There are desktop computers available at both Quinte West Public Library branches.
  • These computers are available on a first come first served basis.
  • Trenton users can sign in using their library card or as a guest at any available computer. (6 desktop computers available, 1 has a scanner)
  • Frankford users should let library staff know that they would like to use a computer. (2 desktop computers available, 1 has a scanner)
  • Users can have 2 one hour sessions per day.
  • Printing is available from all desktop computers. (See Printing from a Public computer below)
  • Chromebooks are available to be borrowed at both branches with a valid Quinte West Public Library membership and are for In-Library use only.
  • Chromebooks can be borrowed by patrons 13 years and older.
  • The loan period for a Chromebook is 3 hours.  If no one else is waiting the borrower may ask for the loan to be extended.
  • If the Chromebook is returned late the fee is $5.00/hr.
  • Replacement cost for a damaged, destroyed, or lost Chromebook is $300.

Wireless Internet (WIFI)

Quinte West Public Library provides free Internet access for users with portable computers or devices capable of receiving wireless signals.  This allows users to access the Internet from their devices when sitting within range of the access point.

What are the advantages of this service? 
  • No waiting for a free Desktop computer
  • Fast access to the internet
  • You can save your files permanently on your own device 
Is the library's wireless connection secured? 
As with most free Public wireless connections the library's is not secured.  Wireless users should take care when transmitting credit card numbers, passwords and any other sensitive personal information.
Is wireless printing available? 
Yes - wireless printing is available - please see the instructions under Printing and Copying 
The library will not be responsible for any information that is compromised, or for any damage caused to a patron's hardware or software.  All wireless access users should have up-to-date virus protection on their laptop or wireless devices. 

Printing and Copying

Printing is available from all Internet Access computers and users can also print from their own devices.
Photocopiers are available at both branches of the Quinte West Public Library.

Printing from a Public Computer (Desktop)

Trenton (Self-serve Printing)

-          Submit your print job on the computer

-          Go to the paystation next to the library printer

-          Enter the number that you used to log into the Public Computer (Library Card Number or Guest Number)

-          Select your print job

-          Pay for and release you print job


Frankford (Staff Printing)

-          Submit your print job on the computer

-          Let staff know that you would like to print

-          Staff will release your prints

-          Pay staff for prints

Wireless Printing: Print from a Chromebook, your laptop or mobile device 
1.  Go to this website:
2.  Press the Upload a Document button on the left side of this page
3.  Upload a document or enter the URL
4.  Submit print job
5.  Create your patron ID used to secure and claim your print job at the library paystation
6.  Press OK
7.  Walk over to the paystation next to the library printer
8.  Enter your patron ID and select your print job
9.  Pay then release your print job 
  • Photocopiers are available at both branches of the Quinte West Public Library.
Cost: Printing from Public Computers / Wireless / Microfiche/Film and Photocopier

Printing and Copying

Cost per page

Cost per page (Double-sided)

Black and White






Copying of Material & the Canadian Copyright Act 

The Quinte West Public Library adheres to the laws of Canada governing the copying of all materials.  The library retains a copying license for public libraries through Access Copyright, a non-profit organization formed and run by Canada's leading associations of creators and publishers.  The Library operates within the terms and conditions of this license and makes every effort to ensure that customers and staff do likewise.

Use of photocopiers to reproduce all or a substantial part of work protected by copyright is governed by the Canadian Copyright Act.  Copying of a work or a substantial part of a work protected by copyright requires the permission of the copyright owner.  No part of some work, such as music, can be copied without permission.  However, it is not an infringement of copyright to "deal fairly" with some works for the purpose of private study, research, criticism, review or newspaper summary.  The responsibility of determining whether permission is required, and then obtaining permission, is that of the person making the copy and not the Quinte West Public Library.  Staff will neither participate in nor condone infringement of copyright.  The Canadian Copyright Act is available at Information Services should further information be required.


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